Foreign Scientists May Avail of Benefits under Highly Skilled Professional Visa

The Land of the Rising Sun is widely known as one of the most advanced countries across the globe when it comes to scientific research and technology. In this regard, a lot of big and international companies and firms have expressed their intention to invest in Japan. A number of these companies have set up their physical existence in the country especially in its capital city, Tokyo.


However, in recent years, the consequences of Japan’s aging population, low birth rate and decline in inward migration are becoming apparent in the country. One of the social issues that the Japanese society has been dealing with is its chronic labor shortage particularly in fourteen identified sectors such as but not limited to nursing or care giving, agriculture, construction as well as food and service industry.


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Aside from these fourteen industries, there has also been a dearth of professionals and highly skilled workers in Japan. To address these concerns, the government through its National Diet amended the immigration policies in the country that used to impose stringent requirements on foreign skilled workers who aspire to land a job in Japan.


The new immigration control act introduced a new category that seeks to attract more foreign skilled workers in the country even those without high educational attainment or a college degree. In addition, the current immigration policies in Japan provide for additional perks, benefits and preferential advantage to foreign professionals.


The Highly Skilled Professional visa and the benefits that come with it may be availed of by foreign professionals including scientists, academic researchers, lawyers and business executives, among others.


Thus, aspiring foreign scientists who would like to gain experience in Japan may apply for working visa under the Highly Skilled Professional category. As long as they obtain a score of at least seventy points based on the computation for Highly Skilled Professional Scale, these foreign scientists may then apply for green card or residency status after three years of continuous stay in Japan.



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