Foreign Care Givers Allowed to be Exempted from Industry Specific Exam to Obtain Visa

Known to many countries across the globe, Japan is currently dealing with the impacts of an aging population as a result of its low birth rate and a vast decline in inward migration. With the tremendous rise in the number of senior citizens in the country, there is also a corresponding need to increase social welfare benefits and labor force in the elderly care sector.


In view of the growing need for workers in the above mentioned sector, the Japanese welfare ministry grants a provisional certification to foreign nurses and care givers who aspire to land a job in the Land of the Rising Sun through the specified skilled worker visa. The purpose of the provisional certification is to exempt these foreign applicants from passing the national exam to qualify them to obtain the visa.

With this premise in mind, the Immigration ministry even plans to extend the effectivity of the provisional visa up to the year 2026. This special transitional measure is intended to address the chronic labor shortage particularly in the elderly care sector. Graduates of care giving courses are thus allowed to present the provisional certification to enable them to work in Japan.


Basically, there are fourteen sectors identified to suffer the most severe forms of workforce setback such as but not limited to nursing or caregiving, construction, agriculture as well as food and service industry. To able to acquire the “Specified Skilled Worker” visa for the other fields or industry aside from nursing or caregiving, it is necessary for the foreign applicant to pass the industry specific exam to be conducted by the particular industry that he or she intends to apply for.


In addition, it is necessary for the potential foreign worker in Japan to obtain at least N4 level in Japanese language proficiency test. He or she must have basic knowledge of the Japanese language to successfully immerse both at work and the society in general.


Reference: Ministry to extend provisional certification for care course graduates


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