Foreign Building Cleaners May Work and Stay in Japan as Specified Skilled Workers

Being one of the economic tigers across the globe, the Land of the Rising Sun has been the fastest growing nation in terms of economic developments, technological innovations as well as tremendous increase in building construction. In recent years, Japan particularly its capital city, Tokyo is already highly saturated with high rising buildings and commercial establishments.


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In this regard, it does not come as a surprise that the country is in need of more and more foreign nationals who are willing to work and reside in Japan. The demand for foreign workers does not only pertain to highly skilled professional level but most especially in relation to blue collar jobs.


Amidst the upward growth in their economy, Japan is continuously suffering from the consequences of workforce setback as a result of its aging population and low birth rate. This is most particularly experienced by fourteen sectors that are identified to suffer the worst forms of labor problems.


The abovementioned fourteen sectors or industries that are deemed to deal with the worst kind of labor issues are as follows: Care worker, Building Cleaning Management, Machine Parts & Tooling Industry, Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Industry, Electric, Electronic and Information Industries, Construction Industry, Shipbuilding and Ship Machinery Industry, Automobile Repair and Maintenance, Aviation Industry, Accommodation Industry, Agriculture Fishery and Aquaculture as well as Food and Beverage production.


One of the measures implemented by the Japanese government in order to open and more doors of employment opportunities for foreign nationals who seek to land a job in Japan is the introduction of the “Specified Skilled Worker” category.


Under this new visa type, foreign skilled workers which are highly in demand in the country may work and stay in the country for a period of five years. This applies to building cleaners and janitors as long as they pass the industry specific test and have at least a conversational level in Japanese language proficiency.


Reference: Specified Skilled Visa


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