Food Aficionados Excited to Try Out the Latest Type of Sushi Combined With Chocolate

The Land of the Rising Sun is a well loved tourist destination not only for international globetrotters but also for a lot of food enthusiasts across the globe. Year in and year out, hundreds of thousands of travel and food enthusiasts come to visit the country in order to go sightseeing, experience the country’s unique culture and tradition as well as to try out the wide selection of iconic and delicious Japanese cuisines.


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Among the most popular dishes from Japan are the tempura, sashimi, ramen and of course the famous sushi. Most foreign visitors think that appreciation for sushi is an acquired taste. Sushi which is the most famous food for local Japanese is something new for majority of foreign tourists in the country. But most food aficionados from different parts of the world would agree that Japan has produced the best types of sushi worldwide.


There are different variations of sushi in Japan depending on the kind of fish used to prepare the delicious treat. Japanese restaurants and food shops have various kinds of fishes ready for different occasions in Japan. For instance, the buri fish which is otherwise known as mature yellowtail is specially served during winter season because this type of fish bulk up in order to maintain a warm temperature during the winter season. In addition, the mature yellowtail’s extra fat make the dish extra sweeter.


During the cold season in Japan, the sushi variants have become even more interesting and appealing to both local and foreign food aficionados with the introduction of a new distinctive combination. Kura Sushi which is a sought after sushi chain in Japan exclusively offers the all new Chocolate Mikan Buri at one hundred yen per piece.


Due to the unique polyphenol composition in chocolate, the so-called Choco Mikan Buri has a deeper red hue as compared to other ordinary varieties of the sushi. This makes the Choco Mikan Buri all the more appetizing for sushi lovers.


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