Filipino Health Care Professionals are In Demand in Japan

At present, one of the greatest challenges that the Land of the Rising Sun has to deal with chronic labor shortage as a consequence of the country’s shrinking and aging population due to low birth rate and a vast decline in inward migration. It cannot be denied that there are apparently fourteen identified labor sectors that are facing a severe labor crunch. This includes the nursing and health sector, agriculture, construction as well as food and service industry.


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To address these social issues the national government of Japan through its Diet or National Legislature took the first steps to revise the country’s immigration laws in order to relax the previously stringent requirements specifically in the fourteen identified sectors that greatly suffer from chronic labor shortage.


Through the enactment of this relaxed immigration rules, Japan aspires to open more and more doors of opportunities for foreign nationals who are seeking for employment in the country. However, according to the Immigration agency of Japan, the recent revision to the skilled worker visa which was enacted last April 2019 has only been availed of by two hundred nineteen foreign nationals as of the last week of September.


Not known to many people, employment opportunities particularly in the nursing and health sector has already opened for Filipino health care providers who hope to land a job in Japan for the past ten years. Under the economic agreement between Japan and Philippines which was drafted more than a decade ago, the former has already started to accept Filipino nurses and caregivers since 2009.


At the outset, these Filipino health workers must undergo preparatory trainings in Japanese language and culture which will be conducted in Manila. As of this year, there have already been three hundred forty applicants and twelve batches of candidate health care providers who were accepted under the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement.


Reference: Japan’s health sector continues to lure Filipinos workers 10 years on


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