Exploring Kochi: A Wonderful Getaway from City Life

Every year, the Land of the Rising Sun welcomes hundreds of thousand of visitors and travel enthusiasts from all over the globe. Majority of foreign tourists who take a trip to Japan are definitely looking forward to go sightseeing,experience its unique culture and discover breathtaking places. Among the most popular travel destinations in the country are Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and other major cities and prefectures that are readily accessible to the public either by taxi, train, subway or perhaps the shinkansen or the high speed bullet train.


One of the least visited places in Japan is Kochi Prefecture which is located on the southern coast of Shikoku. Unknown to most international tourists and globetrotters, Kochi prefecture is endowed with awe-inspiring natural resources and biodiversity. It is home to crystal clear bodies of water and some of the most beautiful greeneries and mountain peaks in Japan.


Photo credit to: https://travel.gaijinpot.com

Getting to Kochi prefecture may not be that easy. One must be prepared to go on a long distance hike. But, everything will all be worth it once you see the wonderful view that awaits both local and foreign tourists alike. Among the most amazing natural wonders that can be found in the prefecture is the Shimanto River. With its pristine waters flowing through Kochi prefecture, it is also known as the “last clear stream of Japan.” It is also the longest river in Shikoku region with a length of one hundred and ninety six kilometers.


Nature lovers and cycling enthusiasts will surely love the place. It is a perfect location to go biking and sightseeing with a lot of picturesque sceneries. This magnificent travel destination also offers a one of a kind cultural experience, a laid back lifestyle and a relaxing view that will serve as a pleasurable escape from the stress and hustle bustle of city life.



Cycle along Kochi’s rugged mountain ranges and camp by one of the clearest rivers in Japan

Shimanto River


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