Explore the Queer and Tranquil Natural Beauties of Yamaguchi Prefecture

Year in and year out, hundreds of thousands of tourists come to the Land of the Rising Sun to go sightseeing and visit the world renowned tourist destinations in the country. Most of these globetrotters and travel enthusiasts would often flock to Tokyo, the capital city of Japan and other major cities such as but not limited to Osaka, Kyoto and Kanagawa.


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There are also a number of adventurous travellers in Japan who are interested to take a look at other less crowded and surprisingly picturesque destinations in the country. One of these rarely visited breathtaking spots is Yamaguchi prefecture which is located in the Southwestern area of Japan. Not known to many, this beautiful Japanese suburb has a cool mountain bandit restaurant, a unique singing pavement, hot springs and an awe inspiring natural beauty that will surely impress travel enthusiasts across the globe.


Aside from these attractive sceneries that tourists can enjoy in Yamaguchi prefecture, there is also another out of this world terrain that they may might want to check out. This amazing and magical view is situated near a park known as Ichinomatasakura.


The Ichinomatasakura park is uniquely adorned with artificial severed heads that appeared to be cut off from their bodies. A few meters away from the creepy park, tourists can find a pink roadside signage indicating “Sakura Park”. The ambience is pretty mysterious as it is surrounded by a dead forest with a serene and peaceful lake.


Its surrounding is perfect for visitors who prefer a calm and relaxing environment that has cool breeze and crystal clear water with carps and other fishes swimming around the water. Since the scenery is very tranquil, travellers can listen to the beautiful songs of the bird echoing around the surrounding natural resources. This place is truly a must-see spot for both locals and foreign tourists, alike.


Reference: Mysterious landscape found near a park with severed heads


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