Experts Suggest Sharing Household Work and Childcare Between Spouses to Increase Birthrate in Japan

Known to many international countries across the globe, the Land of the Rising Sun is regarded as one of the nations with the longest life span. As a result, the country has an aging population with low birth rate. This led to the current issues on labor shortage in Japan which eventually prompted the government to amend its strict immigration laws to address the current workforce setback.


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The increasing number of senior citizens in the country can be attributed to the Japanese people’s healthy diets and lifestyle which extends longevity. However, the aging population is not coupled with considerable birth rate and inward migration in the country. This gave rise to lack of the much needed labor force particularly in fourteen identified sectors such as but not limited to nursing and care giving, construction, farming or agriculture and food and service industry.


A trend which indicates a shrinking population can post various economic and social consequences. With the vast increase in the number of elderly people in the country, there is also a need to focus on senior citizens welfare. Moreover, there is a decrease in the number of able bodied laborforce that may be counted on in doing heavy jobs.


Raising the birth rate in Japan is one of the matters that the government has been looking into for the past years. One of the most striking suggestions by some experts in order to increase the rate of birth in the country is to motivate husbands or men to help women in doing the household chores and to spend more time to take care of their children.


The Japanese government aspires to address the declining birthrate in Japan by re-evaluating the division of roles in the household and sharing the associated responsibilities by encouraging participation of men in housework and childcare.


Reference: Rethinking of gender roles is a prerequisite for raising Japan’s birth rate, experts say


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