Experience the Traditional Cityscapes of Older Tokyo through the Hello Kitty Rickshaw Service

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Anime and cartoon lovers around the globe would definitely agree that the Land of the Rising Sun is home to some of the world’s cutest and most iconic characters. One of the most popular and well loved fictional cartoon characters worldwide is Hello Kitty. She was designed and produced by the Japanese company, Sanrio since 1976. For more than four decades, numerous Hello Kitty collections were released in the market. The character has definitely gained a great deal of interest and massive popularity not only among the Japanese but also on a universal scale.


With the monumental success of the Hello Kitty character, there have been a wide variety of adorable collaborations between Sanrio and different firms or industries in Japan. Among the most striking and successful production is the Hello Kitty Shinkansen or bullet train. This Hello Kitty-inspired high speed train is highly praised and appreciated by both locals and foreign tourists alike.


This year, the Hello Kitty craze will not only be reflected in Japan’s most advanced train system or railway line but it also seeks to expand to traditional modes of transportation. Recent news revealed that Sanrio will team up with Kurumaya, an established rickshaw company in order to design a one of a kind rickshaw with a Hello Kitty theme. Both companies are looking forward to offer a special kind of rickshaw service for Hello Kitty fanatics while touring around the beautiful sights of Asakusa. It is a neighbourhood in the capital city of Japan, that is known for its historical temples and old school cityscapes.

Hello Kitty’s rickshaw voyage was originally conceptualized and assembled only as a part of the grand opening celebration of the Asakusa Sanrio Gift Gate specialty shop last May 2019. However, this June, the rickshaw service will again be operational due to popular demand by both locals and international globetrotters.


Reference: Hello Kitty rickshaw tours will show you Tokyo in Sanrio style


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