Experience Japan’s Out of this World Hotel Accommodation

Year in and year out, millions of international travellers and globetrotters from different parts of the world come to the Land of the Rising Sun in order to personally witness Japan’s awe inspiring tourist destinations, experience its unique culture, try out some iconic Japanese dishes and be in awe of the country’s top notch technology, among others.


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Japan is definitely among the ultimate travel bucket list of majority of foreign tourists worldwide. In consideration of the great surge of international sojourners in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and other major cities in Japan, numerous firms and commercial establishments engaged in the business of hotel and accommodation as well as food and service industry proliferated in the country.


In order to stand out from other similarly situated businesses, hotels in Japan are encouraged to provide a world class and one of a kind service to their clients. With this in mind, more and more hotel rooms are designed with a special kind of theme or motif that would attract certain groups of tourists according to their interests and preferences.


Some examples of these themed accommodations are the Hello Kitty rooms or shiba inu rooms and hotels with futuristic robot staff. Tourists would surely agree that Japan is home to some of the world’s most distinctive and innovative hotel accommodations such as but not limited to capsule inns, book and bed hotels, ice hotels, among others.


Another fascinating and out of this world themed accommodation is the so-called flight simulator room at Tokyo Haneda Airport Hotel. Their luxury room specifically the “Superior Cockpit Room” is equipped with a high end Boeing 737-800 flight simulator where hotel customers and guests are given the opportunity to act as pilots for an additional fee. The said simulator is designed in full size including the important features of the actual plane.


Reference: Stay in a flight simulator room at a Tokyo Haneda Airport hotel


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