Experience Japanese Tradition in Re-Created Scattered Hotels

The Land of the Rising Sun is one of the top tourist destinations across the globe. Year in and year out, millions of international travellers and visitors from different countries abroad look forward to visiting the country in order to explore its beautiful sightseeing spots, be in awe of the technological advancements in the country, try out some iconic Japanese dishes and most of all to experience Japan’s distinctive culture and tradition.


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One of the most interesting and peculiar aspects of Japanese tourism which travel enthusiasts and globetrotters definitely love is their unique forms of accommodation such as but not limited to their small sized capsule motels, book and bed inns and other themed hotels are intended to stimulate the various interests of their guests. The most recent trend that is gaining tremendous popularity among tourists is the concept of “Scattered Hotels.”


This one of a kind type of accommodation allows tourists to experience and appreciate local Japanese culture and cuisines as they stay in a re-created or renovated traditional Japanese village. Hotel guests may try out some interesting activities in Japan which includes making washi or traditional Japanese paper, pottery-making and tea ceremony.


For instance, the Nipponia hotel which opened last July 2019 in Mino, Gifu Prefecture used to be a traditional century old house but it was re-created into an inn that encourages their hotel guests to participate in making washi. The owner of the house used to be a merchant who sells traditional Japanese papers during the Edo era.


Aside from the Nipponia hotel, there are still many other merchant houses that still stand in Mino area in Gifu Prefecture that are open to both local tourists and foreigners. Recently, Jun Mizuishi, a resident of Saitama Prefecture checked in the Nipponia hotel for group training. According to him, “We could fully enjoy Mino by experiencing local cuisine and Mino washi-making, as well as by enjoying local landscapes.”


Reference: ‘Scattered hotels’ offering village-type stays are taking off in rural Japan


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