Exciting Outdoor Adventures to try out in Motegi

Millions of globetrotters around the world look forward to visiting the Land of the Rising Sun to be fascinated by its breathtaking tourist attractions, to experience the country’s top notch technology and further enrich their travels by the fun-filled outdoor activities offered by various amusement and theme parks in Japan. Majority of the tourists who come to visit Japan often head to its capital city, Tokyo. This makes the Tokyo Disneyland as the most popular spot among the bucketlist of every international tourist in Japan. Both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea welcome a surge of visitors from different parts of the globe year in and year out. These theme parks are often crowded with locals and foreign tourists who are excited to try out their electrifying rides.


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However, for travel and adventure enthusiasts who prefer to participate in more outdoor activities and recreation such as racing, zip lines and obstacle courses, among others, Twin Ring Motegi is the perfect place to go. It was originally just a motorsport race track established by Honda in 1997 to pave the way for open-wheel racing. But since it is surrounded by a verdant forest, Twin Ring Motegi now offers a number of family and kid friendly activities.


Among the most sought-after attractions is the Itadaki which is found in its so-called Mobi Park. Visitors flock inside the labyrinth of Itadaki in groups. Its wooden maze course does not only provide a different kind of excitement to the park-goers but it is also an avenue to educate them about the ecosystem, animal life and natural resources of the region.


Another popular activity in Twin Ring Motegi is the Dokidoki obstacle course which has a total of thirty nine obstacles including rope challenges, hanging bridges and rock climbing walls. Locals and foreign tourists who plan to join the Itadaki and Dokidoki adventure activities must not forget to wear the appropriate attire and footwear.


The famous attraction for kids are the raceways in the park which features several motorsport-themed rides open for all ages. Younger children are allowed to ride with their adult companions on the Acro-X obstacle course and learn about traffic safety on the Forest Driving School course. Meanwhile, kids who are 8 years old and above may try out the small electric bikes around the park’s mini track. Other tracks such as the Drift S and Dream Kart which allow for more speed may be enjoyed by older kids and teenagers who are 135 centimeters and taller.



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