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By now, a lot of our readers are probably aware of the recent shifts in the Japanese government’s immigration policy which now provide residence status to encourage foreign skilled workers to apply for jobs and settle in Japan. However, environmental and cultural gaps between the Philippines and Japan may pose certain difficulties for qualified applicants from our country in their pursuit to adjust to the different nuances of resettling in a foreign habitat. To address a few these concerns, here are some essential household items to make your transition to a new and unfamiliar domain easier.


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One of the problems that almost all of Japanese households face is the presence of fruit flies and other bugs which come out especially during the summer. Fruit flies are generally harmless but can be irritating once they start to invade the confines of your home. In this regard, an author suggests a do-it-yourself fruit fly repellent by mixing a few drops of dishwasher soap together with some Mitsuya Cider. The dishwasher soap will take care of these fruit flies as they become attracted to the sugar contained in the cider. For the rest of the bugs which pose more dangers than the bothersome fruit flies, check out this guide by an author of the GaijinPot blog which provides practical recommendations to deal with the most common and dangerous bugs that inhabit the land of Japan.


The next particular problem that inhabitants of Japan face on a daily basis is something which most Philippine nationals are familiar with, that is the lack of garbage disposals incorporated in our kitchen sinks. Nevertheless, as a matter of convenience, disposable sink basket nets are available in most 100 yen shops for a quick and easy fix instead of having to clean the drainage every time leftover foods accumulate.


Due to language barriers, choosing the appropriate cleaning product for your daily household needs may prove to be a difficult task. Luckily an author was generous enough to list out some essential products for the convenience of newcomers:

It is customary for Japanese to take off their shoes before entering a home be it their own or someone else’s. Even though you may be accustomed to allowing outdoor footwear to be used inside your own home, your Japanese guests may insist on removing their shoes or slippers. As a matter of courtesy to your guests, it is best to be prepared with some pairs of indoor slippers to be used exclusively within your home.


Some if not most Japanese apartments are burdened with the problem of limited space. To address this concern, storage racks which can be assembled over and around washing machines or other appliances can easily help in maximizing the limited space you may have in your new home.


Space saving and stackable trash bins are truly essential for every Japanese home. Due to the limited space and the need for multiple trash bins that relate to different categories of trash which will be collected on different days, trash bins which can be stacked over and on top of each other are efficient and effective tools to address these two usual problems of Japanese residents.


These are just some essential items that you may need once you start venturing into Japan’s unfamiliar territory. For a more in-depth guide, do check out this blog written by Rachel Hartwick which was recently featured in the lifestyle section of Japan Today. Good luck!



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