Environmentally Friendly Hotel is the New Place to Go in Japan

One of the most impressive aspects about Japanese culture that definitely leaves a good impression on foreign tourists who come to visit the country is the people’s drive towards making novel changes and innovations. A lot of Japanese entrepreneurs are motivated to improve their services even more in order to cater to their customers and to further stimulate their interest in their establishments.


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Year in and year out, hundreds of thousands of travel enthusiasts look forward to visiting the Land of the Rising Sun not only to enjoy its beautiful sightseeing spots, experience the country’s distinctive culture and to try out a wide selection of iconic Japanese dishes but also to explore the unique modes of transportation and accommodation in Japan.


It cannot be denied that Japans is home to some of the most impressive and one of a kind forms of accommodation worldwide such as but not limited to capsule motels, bed and book cafes and themed hotels. With their world class quality and excellent service, these various forms of accommodation are part of the reasons why there is a tourism boom in the country.


Recently, a lot of hotels in Japan are inclined to establish more environmentally friendly areas for their guests. In this way, globetrotters and foreign travel enthusiasts who are health conscious and particular about the cleanliness of their environment will be more drawn to patronize their hotel services.


In this regard, the Bio Hotels Japan tried their hand to coming up with a toxin free hotel where guests and tourists can enjoy their vacation while being more ecologically conscious. Guests are reminded to be good stewards of nature while at the same time enjoying their vacation.


According to Kazuhiko Nakaishi, an environmental activist from Japan, “It’s impossible to live free of chemicals. But in a hotel, if it’s just for a night or two, you can get a true, raw, organic experience. An organic holiday is a good place to start.”


Reference: Bio Hotels Japan sets new green standard in hospitality


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