Enjoy a unique solo dining experience at Gusto family restaurant

In this day and age, the workforce – especially the youth – are rampantly shifting from a regular nine to five job to more flexible work engagements not unlike those of independent writers and other freelance professionals who are able to work anywhere and at anytime. Work independence is considered by many as a doorway for unlimited opportunities due in large part to the reality that most freelancers are restricted only by two major aspects namely, the number of hours that one is willing to work in a day and the number of potential clients who can afford the freelancers’ invaluable skills and/or efforts.


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This kind of work environment, however, is not without its fair share of troubles. Freelancers are cursed with a double-edged sword, that is, while they are exposed to the concept of freedom in the work environment, these independent professionals are usually required to work alone and sometimes even during off peak hours in view of the nature of their jobs and other engagements. As a consequence, an abundant number of hours have to be spent on working alone during meal periods just to meet the deadlines from various clients.


Eating alone, as one can imagine, may be jarringly awkward especially when sitting at a large table not to mention the presence of other diners in the area who are dining together with their families, friends, loved ones, and/or office mates.


Fortunately, a family restaurant chain in Tokyo has come up with an idea that can effectively serve their solo diners. For as low as 499 yen, independent professionals can have a work place where they can eat properly cooked meals despite their hectic schedule. What’s more, the solo-diner-at-family-restaurant experience is also favourable to students who wish to study without resorting to the traditional instant noodle diet. Gusto recently renovated their branches to install solo private booths with panel dividers to maintain the essence of privacy. These well-designed capsules come with a small elevated shelf, a table large enough to fit your food and the usual sized laptop, a staff call button, and its own power outlet.


According to news articles, these private booths are available in Gusto’s Tokyo branches listed as follows: Akasaka Mitsuke, Azabujuban, Hatagaya, Higashi Ikebukuro, Kameari Station North Exit, Kichijoji, Medai-mae, Mito Keio Daigaku-mae, and Shimbashi.


Reference: Restaurant chain offers solo dining capsules, free Wi-Fi, personal power outlets


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