Employment Rate Among Female Workers in Japan Improved to Address Labor Shortage

In recent years, one of the most prevalent issues that the Japanese government has to deal with is its chronic labor shortage as a result of the country’s shrinking population due to its low birth rate and declining inward migration. Japan has undertaken various measures in order to address these social issues.


In fact, the legislative body of Japan enacted a revised immigration law last April 2019 which is intended to relax the rules pertaining to designated skilled workers particularly in fourteen specific sectors determined by the government. These areas include nursing, food and service industry,construction and agriculture, among others.


Photo credit to: https://www.japantimes.co.jp

With the amendment of the immigration laws, the Japanese government aspires to welcome more and more overseas workers in the country. The Land of the Rising Sun has opened doors of opportunities for foreigners who are seeking employment in various industries and commercial establishments in Japan.


Furthermore, women workers are also encouraged to work full time. Based on a report released by Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, there is an increasing number of workers in Japan as of June 2019. The figure rose by around six hundred thousand as compared to the previous year. Apparently, women workers increased from five hundred thousand on a yearly basis to more than thirty million.


According to the ministry’s research and analysis, more than seventy six percent of male employees are regular while only twenty three percent are non-regular workers. On the other hand, for female employees, fifty five percent are non-regular while only forty five percent are regular. It is noted that for women workers, the non-regular status exceeds the regular.


However, the survey reveals that despite this current trend, the number of female non-regular workers increased by one hundred ninety thousand while regular workers increased by around two hundred eighty thousand. Apparently, the employment rate for women workers has increased to address the labor shortage in Japan.


Reference: Japan’s jobless rate improves as women enter the market


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