Education Ministry Seeks to Procure One Computer per Student in Japan

From the point of view of millions of people across the globe, Japan is regarded as one of the most technically advanced countries worldwide. It is home to some of the most fascinating and iconic technological innovations and advancements in various industries such as in education, agriculture, construction, medical field, among others . Majority of the Japanese population make use of the latest gadgets and devices to make their fast-paced life a lot easier and convenient.


In recent years, numerous educational institutions not only in Japan but also in other parts of Asia have already adopted the modern approach in teaching. This method allows students to utilize computers to aid them in the process of learning even as early as elementary or gradeschool level.


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The use of computers already play an important role in the education system. It effectively facilitates the presentation of lessons and activities as well as enable the students to store information in an electronic format. Considering the positive impacts of computerization in schools, the Education Ministry of Japan intends to provide an accessible computer for every enrollees from different educational institutions by fiscal year 2025.


Japan’s Ministry of Education aspires to introduce improvements into the academic and educational sectors by making use of advanced technology. Last March 2018, the ministry conducted a survey to find out the number of computers distributed to public elementary and high school students. According to said survey, there is an average rate of one computer terminal available for every five public school students all over Japan. They noted that the public educational institutions in Saga prefecture offer the best computer availability with a rate of one computer terminal per 1.8 students. On the other hand, more than seven students share a single computer in Saitama prefecture.


With these findings in mind, the Education Ministry aims to further increase the number of computers that the students may use at school to aid them in their studies. To materialize their plan, the ministry seeks to find ways in order to procure computers at lower costs.


Reference: Japan aims to provide one computer to every student by 2025


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