East Japan Railway is Set to Establish New Train Route from Haneda Airport to Disneyland

Year in and year out, the Land of the Rising Sun, particularly its capital city welcomes hundreds of thousands tourists and travel enthusiasts from different parts of the globe. Majority of these international travellers come to visit Japan in order to go sightseeing, witness the country’s one of a kind technological advancements, experience its unique culture and to try out the wide selection of delicious and iconic Japanese dishes.


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One of the most popular and sought after tourist destinations in Japan is the Tokyo Disney resorts. Enjoying the magical rides of the magical Disney theme park is definitely among the bucket list of travellers who visit Japan each year. Their trip to Japan will not be complete without dropping to stroll around the beautiful attractions inside the Disney resorts.


In view of the tremendous popularity of the Tokyo Disney resorts among both local and foreign tourists alike, the East Japan Railway Co is set to open a new train route that would directly link Haneda airport to the Tokyo Disney resorts.


This new route will be part of East Japan Railway Co’s vision of establishing three train lines to and from the airport by utilizing the existing networks in the area. This initiative stemmed from the stiff competition among train operators in relation to the increasing number of tourists and international passengers arriving in Haneda airport which is now regarded as the fifth busiest worldwide.


The new train route is set to be completed around nine years from now. Currently trains on the route that connects the airport to Chiba Prefecture which is the nearest train station to Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea fun from the existing Keiyo and Rinkai lines. Based on the plans for the new project, these train routes will be linked.


To implement their plans, East Japan Railway Co’s is coordinating with the metropolitan government of Tokyo. The latter owns more that ninety percent of the company that operates the Rinkai Line.


Reference: New train route eyed between Haneda airport and Tokyo Disney resorts


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