Dogcare Smile provides care services for dog lovers and their canine companions in Tokyo

Good news for pet owners especially dog lovers residing around the metropolitan prefecture of Tokyo! Sachiko Shimizu opened a business establishment in November of last year at Hanyu City of Saitama Prefecture specializing in care service for dogs and providing appropriate support especially for owners of aging dogs.


Sachiko Shimizu has around fifteen (15) years of experience under her belt having worked with animal hospitals over the course of her career and possesses the necessary qualifications in pet care and rehabilitation. The 42 year old owner of Dogcare Smile intends to share her experiences and support dog owners in their journey of living their lives with their faithful canine companions saying, “I want to do all I can to help owners have fun with their beloved dogs for as long as possible.”


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Sachiko Shimizu also wishes to educate “people to learn proper care” so that owners and dogs can both live a long and healthy life. Through the Dogcare Smile business, Shimizu provides home service through house calls for residents in Saitama, Tokyo as well as the surrounding areas at a rate of ¥ 6,480.00 in Japanese currency (or roughly about P 3,000 in Philippine pesos) for the first ninety (90) minutes which is already inclusive of a counselling session.


Shimizu likewise provides regular care giving seminars where she teaches participants proper training for their dogs in order to prevent dementia in the future. In these seminars, Shimizu likewise coaches attendees on how to make diapers for dogs using baby diapers.


In 2018, the Japan Pet Food Association estimated that there were about 8.9 million dogs across the country. Of the 8.9 million dogs, approximately 56 percent of them were already considered elderly being around 7 years old or above.


One of the major problems, Shimizu says, is that there “has been an increase in cases where an elderly owner has to take care of a dog with dementia, weak legs, or other ailments.”


Reference: Care service near Tokyo offers support to owners of aging dogs


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