Cute Poop-Themed Museum in Yokohama attracts Locals and Foreign Visitors

Most international tourists and overseas workers who come to the Land of the Rising Sun must have probably noticed the country’s special interest in all things adorable. “Kawaii” which is the culture of cuteness in Japan has long been entrenched among the Japanese. Both locals and foreign travellers from different age groups will surely be attracted by the charming and cute items displayed in various establishments in Japan such as in malls, theme parks and even in museums. Among the most popular of these charming characters are Hello Kitty, Pikachu and other Disney animations.


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This year, the Unko Museum in Yokohama which is located near Tokyo seeks to feature a distinctive type of cuteness in the form of a uniquely cute artificial poop designed merchandise. These items come in twirl ice cream and cupcake shapes as well as in all sizes and colors that are intended to entice the museum goers who are kids at heart. One of the students who visited the museum, Haruko Okubo remarked that “The poops are colorful and come out nicely in photos.”


As soon as the visitors enter Unko Museum, they will be immediately asked to sit on one of the vibrant, artsy but non functional toilets installed against the wall while listening to a short welcome video. A special kind of music will be played as the museum-goer is allowed to pretend like or he or she is pooping then a colorful souvenir “poop” item can be collected inside the toilet bowl.


Another adorable attraction inside the museum is the gigantic poop sculpture situated at its main hall. It gives the visitors an appearance of an eruption every half an hour by abruptly releasing little foams of cute poops. There are also play areas inside the Unko Museum where participants may enjoy different games involving cute poops like making the biggest poop sound, soccer video game and the projection mapping game called “whack-a-mole”, among others.


So far, the museum attracted more than a hundred thousand visitors since it was launched last March 2019. It will continue to run until September this year.


Reference: Even poop is cute at Japanese museum that encourages play


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