Cute and Homey Gaming Suits in Japan are Gaining Popularity among Gamers

The Land of the Rising Sun is home to some of the world’s most iconic animation series and anime inspired video games. Hundreds of thousands of anime fanatics, gaming enthusiasts and globetrotters from different parts of the globe look forward to visit the country in order to personally experience and appreciate the anime hype in Japan.


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Since the animation and gaming industry in Japan has gained tremendous popularity not only on a national level but also on a universal scale, various new products and shops that are anime inspired are introduced in the Japanese market. For instance, when it comes to their forms of accommodation, there are already bed and manga cafes that provide a comfortable space for manga or Japanese comics lovers to relax while reading and enjoying their favorite stories.


Also, there are themed hotels and restaurants in the food and service industry which have already adopted anime and gaming inspired aura to further promote their businesses. This trend started to promote the kawaii culture in Japan in which both locals and foreigners in the country have developed a certain fascination over all things cute and adorable.


This prompted some companies to also come up with their own cute merchandises and charming products for the market to enjoy. This winter season, the gaming accessory company, Bauhutte came up with a new product which they call the “Damegi 4G” which is basically a cute cocoon type apparel that is very comfortable for gamers while playing their favorite anime inspired video games.


Damegi can be translated as “clothing so comfy you won’t want to do anything productive” while 4G means “for Gamers”. This new merchandise lives up to the kawaii culture in Japan with its cute and homey looking getup that is also very comfortable for gamers to wear while enjoying some popular Japanese video games.


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