Criteria for Domestic Organizations to Accept Foreign Workers in Japan

With the chronic labor shortage in the Land of the Rising Sun as a result of the country’s aging population and low birth rate, the Japanese government through its National Diet amended the immigration policies of the country so as to accommodate more and more qualified foreign nationals who aspire to work in Japan.


One of the most significant changes in the amended immigration act is the introduction of the Specified skilled worker visa which opens various doors of employment opportunities for foreign nationals who have considerable work experience, knowledge and skills in relation to any of the fourteen industries or sectors that are identified to suffer from the worst form of workforce setback.


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The specified industrial skills include nursing care, building cleaning, material processing industry, Industrial machinery manufacturing industry, Electric and electronic information related industry, Construction, Shipbuilding and ship-related industry, Automobile maintenance, Aviation, Lodging, Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and beverages manufacturing industry as well as Food service industry.


After gaining enough working experience in the above listed domestic corporations and establishments in Japan, foreign nationals with specified skilled worker status may apply for permanent residency status after continuously staying in the country for up to five years.


Organizations registered in Japan are entitled to accept foreign workers provided the following requirements are complied with: First, the employment contract or the specified skilled worker service agreement must be properly prepared and executed with the foreign worker. It must be noted that the salary of the foreign worker must be equivalent to or even more than the pay extended to a Japanese employee.


Second, it must be established that the accepting organization has no existing violation of immigration or labor laws and regulations within the past five years. Lastly, the domestic company must have a system to support foreign nationals using a language that the foreigner can comprehend.


Reference: What is a “Specified Skilled Worker” Residency Status?


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