Council for the Promotion of Acceptance of Highly-Skilled Professionals Explains Concept and Perks of the Visa

The Land of the Rising Sun is in dire need of highly skilled foreign professionals in order to sustain the country’s economic growth and development despite its chronic labor shortage in various sectors and industries as a result of Japan’s aging population, low birth rate and a vast decline in inward migration. In view of the expertise, wide knowledge and special skills of highly skilled foreign professionals, they are considered as assets by the Japanese government. Thus, they are given preferential treatment and more benefits as compared to other foreign workers who come to the country under a different visa type.


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According to the Council for the Promotion of Acceptance of Highly-Skilled Professionals, foreign nationals who fall under this exceptional category are those who are expected to bring about innovation and significant improvement in Japanese industries. With their technical skills and knowledge, they are expected to contribute highly to the efficiency of Japanese domestic firms. Moreover, the service rendered by highly skilled professionals can not be substituted by a local worker.


Basically, the different activities of the foreign highly skilled professionals may be grouped into three classifications: the “advanced academic research activities,” “advanced specialized/technical activities,” and “advanced business management activities.”


Foreign academic researchers, lawyers, engineers and business executives who qualify under the above mentioned classifications may come to Japan through the Highly Skilled Professional Visa. They are granted additional benefits and perks by the government such as but not limited to bringing their family or domestic helper in Japan to take care of their children while they focus on their jobs.


In addition, they are given preferential treatment in applying for permanent residency. If the total points of a foreign professional reaches seventy (70) based on the point calculation system, they are entitled to avail of a Japanese green card indicating a permanent residence status in Japan after three years of continuous stay in the country.


Reference: Points-based System for Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals


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