Costs of Living in Japan

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Planning to work in Japan but anxious about the cost that would entail living in a foreign country? Well, look no further! We got you covered with this comprehensive guide on the routinary expenses of a single individual living in the greater Tokyo area.


Based on data gathered in the SUUMO Journal cited by an article from, the monthly cost of living for an individual as reported in a survey answered by persons in their 20s and 30s estimates a total of ¥179,000 or P85,927 in Philippine currency. This amount is reportedly broken down as follows:

These numbers are based on a single individual residing in Tokyo and earning a monthly gross income of ¥250,000 or about P120,000 in Philippine currency.


The SUUMO Journal data, as discussed in the article, further details each and every facet of expense starting from the monthly housing costs. According to the article, the monthly housing costs in Greater Tokyo averages at about ¥67,500 [Php 32,402] however the numbers differ depending on the age and gender of the individual. Based on the data gathered, it appears that budget allocation for housing increases in direct proportion to the age of the participants to the SUUMO Journal survey. In addition, women are more likely to spend more for housing costs when compared to men gender-wise. It should be noted as well that most monthly rents advertised in Japan do not include the maintenance costs so it is best to ask ahead of time before committing to any long-term contract with the homeowner.


Next on the list is the average monthly expense for utilities which include gas, water, and electricity. Based on the SUUMO Journal Survey, the average monthly cost for utilities is pegged at ¥13,000 [Php 6,240] which is consistent between the two age groups (20s and 30s) subject of the survey. However, women seem to report somewhat lesser utility expenses averaging at around ¥12,100 compared to the ¥13,800 reported by male participants.


The third monthly expense included is the cost to maintain smart phones and fixed line internet for daily use. Based on the survey, individuals at their 30s tend to spend considerably more than those in their 20s. Furthermore, men seem to spend way more than the female respondents. In any case, the average cost for this component is ¥13,000 [Php 6,240].


Last on the list is the monthly expense allocated for food and drinks. Based on the answers of the respondents, the average monthly costs for daily food and other refreshments is ¥32,400 [Php 15,553]. This is based on the respondents who tried to avoid eating out in order to save on expenses.


The rest of the expenses are based on government regulatory measures with a fixed computation based on one’s monthly income and are generally no longer susceptible to the control and adjustment of the individual.


Reference: What is the Real Cost of Living for a Single Person in Tokyo? Survey of 20 and 30 year olds


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