Company Rules against Wearing of Eyeglasses Get Negative Feedback in Japan

A number of firms and commercial establishments in the Land of the Rising Sun have been scrutinized by netizens earlier this year due to their company rules and regulations that mandate the wearing of high heels in the work place. This prompted over twenty one thousand employees and workers all over Japan to sign up a online petition in order to ban the mandatory wearing of heels.


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Another company regulation which Japanese women find discriminatory is that which prohibits them from wearing eyeglasses at work. Some female employees posted online through Twitter their sentiments with regard to their right to reading spectacles.


For instance, a certain female employee who work in a traditional Japanese restaurant said that she was reprimanded again and again by her employer for wearing her eyeglasses while at work. The restaurant owner said that glasses would make her facial expression appear “rude”. In addition, the employer said that modern eyeglasses do not go well with the traditional kimono which is their prescribed uniform at work.


Based on the said post, some employers imposed bans against wearing of eyeglasses within the premises of the company. Said regulation is specifically applicable to their female employees. Due to this trend, the trending online topic “glasses are forbidden” has been circulated all over the internet which aroused different emotions from the public in general.


The stringent regulations on female employee’s appearance elicited an overwhelming reaction from netizens. One Twitter post remarked that “These are rules that are out of date” According to Kanae Doi, the Japanese director of the worldwide advocacy group Human Rights Watch, “If the rules prohibit only women to wear glasses, this is a discrimination against women.”


On the other hand, one of the ministers of Japan said that company dress codes are “necessary and appropriate”. Japan is among the countries listed in the World Economic Forum’s most recent Global Gender Gap report.


Reference: Japanese women fight for right to wear glasses to work


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