Comfortable YuGa Bus with Complimentary Breakfast for Commuters in Tokyo

Japan has been consistently proactive when it comes to technological innovations. The Land of the Rising Sun is regarded as one of the most technologically advanced countries not only in Asia but all over the globe. Japanese products are commended for their excellent quality, innovation and durability.


Year in and year out, hundreds of thousands of globetrotters and tech savvy tourists nowadays are looking forward to visit the country not only because of its beautiful sightseeing spots, delicious and iconic dishes but more so because of the technological advancements in the country which are manifested in various gadgets and even in their forms of accommodation and mode of transportation such as but not limited to their tourist buses, railways and shinkansen or bullet train.


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Since Tokyo, the capital city of Japan is now saturated with commercial establishments and offices, a lot of people consist of both locals and foreigners flock to the city on a regular basis. Thus, commuting during rush hours can be very tiring and uncomfortable most of the time. This situation prompted Nestlé in coordination with KM, a well established bus operator based in Tokyo, to come up with a project which is especially designed for commuters.


Both companies intend to launch an ultra luxurious bus line that will provide a pleasant and one of a kind experience for commuters who are going to work in the Tokyo area. The said bus will be regarded as the YuGa which is taken from the Japanese word that means “elegance”. It will ply the forty minute route from Ikebukuro Station at 8:00 in the morning to Tokyo Station.


The seating capacity of the YuGa bus is reserved since they do not allow any standing commuter. The lucky ten passengers can enjoy their reclining seats with foot rest as well as a USB charging port. In addition, the bus attendants will even provide sleeping blankets and comfortable slippers for those who are planning to take a nap before going to their respective offices. What makes the bus even more amazing is the complimentary breakfast served to its passengers prepared by the popular restaurant World Breakfast Allday.


Reference: Ultra-luxurious breakfast bus will give Tokyo commuters a break from the hell of rush-hour trains


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