Coca Cola Japan to Launch a One of a Kind Musical Packaging for Christmas

In general, Japanese companies, businesses and establishments from various sectors are best known in the commercial market for their distinctive taste and originality. Hundreds of thousands of consumers from different parts of the globe are interested in purchasing Japanese made products because of their good quality and unique ideas that cannot be found elsewhere in the world.


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For instance, Coca Cola Products in Japan come in a special and one of a kind packaging that is definitely worth keeping. Way back in 2016, Coca Cola wrapped their soft drink bottles in beautiful labels that can amazingly transform into bows. It was a new idea that was well loved by the public. The packaging gained tremendous popularity after it was released. This prompted Coca Cola to produce more and more specialized soft drinks packaging during the festive holiday season in Japan.


This coming Christmas of 2019, Coca Cola is set to launch an extra surprise for consumers. They are set to incorporate an additional musical gift with each coke bottle. The moment the customer pulls the tab on their specially labelled bottles, they can find the letters that spell “music” together with a twelve digit code next to the word. When you key in these codes into the Coke campaign internet website, it will allow the consumer to listen to one of the twenty five songs popularized by the Japanese pop girl group Little Glee Monster.


By introducing this musical gift to the public, Coca Cola aspires to bring family and friends closer during the Christmas season. The company recommends that each friend or a family member will download a different kind of music from the list so that everybody can enjoy a wide selection of Little Glee Monster Christmas songs while celebrating the holiday season together. This campaign is not only limited to the free musical gift, it also gives the lucky consumer a chance to win fifty points on messaging app Line or one of two thousand Baskin and Robbins Christmas ice cream cakes.


Reference: Coca-Cola Japan to release new Christmas bottles with ribbon labels and music


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