Classical Themed Café in Shibuya Bans Conversation among Customers

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Every year, the Land of the Rising Sun welcomes hundreds of thousands of globetrotters and travel enthusiasts who come to visit the country in order to go sightseeing, experience its unique culture and tradition as well as to try out the wide selection of iconic Japanese dishes.


Japan is known for its one of a kind accommodation and food shops that became known for their distinctive themes. With the influx of both local and foreign tourists, there are also an increasing number of restaurants and cafes in Japan. The food and service industry is in fact one of the sectors that require the most number of workforce.


In order to stand out from the rest of known coffee shops and diners, various Japanese cafes undertake different gimmicks and specialties to attract more and more travellers. For instance, there is one café in Shibuya that implement the no speaking policy among the customers. The unique café plays a soundtrack of classical music from vinyls through gigantic wooden speakers that are mounted on the store’s wall.


Aside from the classical ambience, the café offers different sweets and tea based drinks including coffee, milk tea and delicious healthy juices. Meikyoku Café Lion stands out from other similar cafes in Shibuya not only because of its classical theme but also because of the establishment’s beautiful European inspired façade.


It has an elegant and concrete façade made of stone complete with arched doorways and windows. As soon as you enter the café, you will be greeted with a hand written note that you are not allowed to talk while inside the premises of Meikyoku Café Lion so as to maintain the classical aura of the place.


While inside the café, customers will be astounded by the wooden tables and seats that are made even more attractive as they are illuminated by beautiful fluorescent tubes and tungsten bulbs. Classical music is the center of attraction in this café while talking is forbidden so as to allow you to concentrate on listening and appreciating the musical background.


Reference: The Shibuya cafe where talking is banned and classical music is celebrated


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