Chocolate Souvenirs with Japanese Painting Designs Offered Sold at Okada Museum

Travel enthusiasts and history lovers would definitely agree that Japan has one of the richest history and culture not only across Asia but all over the world. Year in and year out, hundreds of thousands of tourists come to visit the Land of the Rising Sun not only to go sightseeing in its beautiful travel attractions, experience its unique culture and tradition as well to try out its wide selection of iconic and delicious Japanese cuisines.


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Those who are interested in history often visit shrines, temples and museums across Japan. One of the most popular historical museums in Japan is the Okada Museum of Art which is located in Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture. It was launched seven years ago in 2013 and since then it has displayed various modern and traditional art works as well as historical pieces that originated in Japan, China and Korea.


What makes the museum extra special and unique is that tourists are allowed to relax and enjoy a foot bath after a day of appreciating the art collection in the museum. This is so because Hakone, the place where the museum is situated is known as a hot spring destination in Japan.


Aside from the popular and relaxing hot bath, museum goers may also check out different souvenir items such as but not limited to gourmet chocolates with special designs featuring traditional and artistic Japanese paintings. These chocolate souvenirs were created and designed by Naoki Miuri, a popular Japanese chocolatier.


The unique designs include the iconic view of Mount Fuji, images of the two well known Shinto gods, Fujin and Rajin as well as Fukugawa in Winter season. Each square bar of the chocolate comes in different flavors mixed with other distinctive tastes like coconut, orange and maple sugar. These boxes of chocolates also have different flavors from simple flavors such as vanilla or raspberry, to more special types like tomato and gorgonzola cheese.


Reference: Japanese museum creates beautiful artisan chocolates fusing traditional art and sweets


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