China’s political scandals are growing

A Supreme People’s Court judge involved in the court case revealed that he had heard that his boss, Supreme People’s Court President Zhou, order that the case be sent back to a lower court, so as to help the Shaanxi provincial government get off the hook.


The judge appeared in a video posted on the internet together with the some documents that he claimed were proof of his allegations. According to the judge, case documents in his possession were stolen from the court, and, conveniently, two security cameras were not working at the time of the theft.


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The scandal gained national attention when a prominent former TV presenter at state- run China Central Television, or CCTV, started to pursue the case, following the judge’s accusations against Zhou.


The ex-TV presenter has been an internet sensation ever since exposing world-famous Chinese actress Fan Bingbing’s massive tax evasion last year. Fan, the red-carpet favorite who has appeared in multiple Hollywood films, disappeared for months.


One Chinese media source said that no matter how famous the TV presenter has become, he wouldn’t be able to openly criticize the Supreme People’s Court’s approach and its top judge without strong political backing.


This is because of the lack of judicial independence in China. The country’s “political and legal affairs” apparatus allows the Communist Party, which has full authority over it, to command all organizations, including the judiciary. At the top of the apparatus sits Chinese President Xi Jinping, who doubles as the party’s general secretary.


Zhou has been an influential member of the Communist Youth League faction, which comprises former officials of the Communist Youth League, the Communist Party’s massive youth organization and a gateway for young people to become party cadres.


Hu allowed Zhou to attend the meeting, at a time when Zhou was still young and serving as the league’s first secretary. Zhou’s presence at the meeting signaled that Hu saw Zhou as a future candidate for national leader.


Reference: From top actress to top judge, China’s scandals are politically loaded


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