Cherry Blossom Inspired Frozen Delight is Perfect for the Upcoming Spring Season

Over the past years, the Land of the Rising Sun has become a famous tourist and foodie destination not only in Asia but all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of tourists from different countries worldwide come to visit the country not only to go sightseeing, experience its unique culture but also to try out the wide selection of delicious and iconic Japanese dishes and desserts.


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Japanese delicacies are known for their distinctive tastes and one of a kind presentation. Among the most sought after dessert or frozen treats in Japan are the so-called Mochi ice cream. Globetrotters and food enthusiasts would definitely agree that there is nothing like the unique flavours of Japanese sweet treats anywhere in the world. But actually, the special combination of the Japanese mocha and ice cream is an American idea.


What differs is that the western version of mochi ice cream utilizes westernized flavours such as strawberry and chocolate. Meanwhile, the Japanese mochi is related to green tea and red bean taste. With the increasing popularity of the sweet mocha and ice cream combo, Japan also added a distinctive touch to the mixture so as to make it more associated with Japanese flavors.


Recently, Japanese dessert shops introduced the cherry blossom flavor mochi ice cream treat. Both locals and international tourists look forward to grab a bite of the sakura mochi ice cream which is inspired by beautiful cherry blossom flowers that characterize the spring season in Japan.


The cherry blossom flavor mocha ice cream is basically consist of four healthy ingredients: the sakura flavoured sauce, pink mocha balls, sakura petal mixed with red bean paste and the sakura ice cream. These sweet treats are perfect on a beautiful day this coming spring season in Japan while having picnic in some of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the country.


Reference: Sakura mochi ice cream


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