Check out the Classy Hotel Closest to the Railway Hub in Japan

Every year, the Land of the Rising Sun attracts hundreds of thousands of globetrotters and travel enthusiasts across the globe. Tourists are interested to check out the country’s unique and distinctive forms of accommodation which varies from a small sized capsule hotel, bed and book motels and expensive themed hotels that are known for their world class and one of kind features.


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Still, the motivating factor which influences majority of the foreign tourists in selecting a place to stay in Japan is its distance from the railway station. Most globetrotters highly prefer hotels and other accommodation places to be as near as possible to the train stations in order to avoid the inconvenience of carrying their heavy luggage for a longer time.


One of the best options for hotels that are situated closely to the rail hub is the Tagawa Ita Station Hotel. Guests are drawn to this hotel since it will just take them less than a minute to get to the hotel from the train platform. In fact, the hotel’s lobby which is at the second floor can be easily accessed after getting off the train either by elevator or by stairs.


The said hotel underwent full renovation but the operators prefer to adopt the traditional old world style from a classic train in Japan way back the Showa period. It made use of retro wallpaper, carpets as well as light fittings to be consistent with the classy theme.


Considered as the “the closest hotel to a train station platform in Japan“, the Taga Ita Station Hotel welcomes its foreign guests with an interesting passage or entrance that appears to be doors to a train carriage. On its façade is an inscription written in a classic train related font on a bright red signage that states “Romango” which means Romance Car.


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