Using Gcash in Japan

Did you know that you can actually buy in Family Mart and Vendo using your Gcash in Japan? JP in Japan shares a video on Youtube on how to use your Gcash in any Family Mart or vendo in Japan. Also, the good news is that every time you use Gcash through AliPay, you’ll get

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October 1, 2021

Udon Blanket in Japan Promises Better Sleep

The COVID-19 pandemic has been giving us heavy loads of anxiety since it started. With all the stress and worries on top of our heads right now, having a good night’s sleep seems to be very difficult nowadays.  So. in order to solve this problem, a company in Japan popular for its Goku no Kimochi

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September 7, 2021

5 Budget Hacks to Survive in Japan

For this week’s article, instead of sharing some news, we will be sharing some money-saving tips when in Japan. We are featuring a video from Delta TV entitled “How to Live in a Budget in Japan”. In Delta TV’s blog, they shared 5 budget hacks on how to live on a budget in Japan.  According

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April 20, 2021

Japan Heading to a Cashless Economy Due to COVID-19

Surveys say that more customers are choosing cashless transactions amid the pandemic. Japanese who are known to be avid users of bills and coins are now heading towards a cashless economy to lower COVID-19 infection risks and earn more rewards.    G-Plan Inc. and Biglobe Inc. conducted a survey April of last year showing 29.5%

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February 26, 2021

Japanese Rice Wine Finds a Growing Market in China

The Land of the Rising Sun is one of the top foodie destinations not only in Asia but also all over the globe. Japan is known as home to some of the world’s most iconic cuisines which are well loved both for their delicious taste and healthy ingredients.   Among the most popular Japanese dishes are sushi,

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November 11, 2019

Reebok Japan Releases Sanrio Inspired Shoes

The Land of the Rising Sun is not only known for its beautiful sightseeing spots, distinctive culture and tradition, iconic dishes and technological advancements but also for their one of a kind merchandise. Japanese products are known worldwide for their originality and distinctive style.   Hundreds of thousands of consumers and animation series lovers from different countries across the

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October 18, 2019