Japanese Temples Utilized as Lodgings to Accommodate Foreign Tourists

In recent years, a number of establishments from various sectors and industries in Japan are dealing with the impact of a decline in population as a result of its low birth rate and decreasing inward migration. This includes Japanese temples.   Since Japan is known worldwide for its distinctive and one of a kind accommodation such as themed

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September 9, 2019

Luxury Ship as Alternative Form of Accommodation during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

In view of the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games, hundreds of thousands of globetrotters and sports enthusiasts from different parts of the world are expected to flock across Japan in order to witness the much anticipated multi-national sports event. One of the many considerations that the Japanese Government, in coordination with the Tokyo Olympics Organizing Committee, have

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July 23, 2019

Experience Japan’s Out of this World Hotel Accommodation

Year in and year out, millions of international travellers and globetrotters from different parts of the world come to the Land of the Rising Sun in order to personally witness Japan’s awe inspiring tourist destinations, experience its unique culture, try out some iconic Japanese dishes and be in awe of the country’s top notch technology, among others.  

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July 17, 2019

Costs of Living in Japan

Planning to work in Japan but anxious about the cost that would entail living in a foreign country? Well, look no further! We got you covered with this comprehensive guide on the routinary expenses of a single individual living in the greater Tokyo area.   Based on data gathered in the SUUMO Journal cited by an article

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June 11, 2019