Experts Recommend Simpler and More Understandable Disaster Advisories in Japan

Over the years, the Land of the Rising has become more open to international sojourners and overseas workers in the country. More and more foreigners are interested to come to Japan especially with the recent enactment of the Revised Immigration Law. The law relaxes the stringent immigration policies particularly for designated skilled workers in the fourteen sectors identified by
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Tokyo Enacts Ordinance to Strengthen Passive Smoking Regulation

With the much anticipated 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic games, the Japanese government is preoccupied in adopting measures to ensure public safety as well as the smooth flow of events during the multi national sports game. One of the policies which the Organizing Committee of the Tokyo Olympics, in coordination with the government is planning to implement is the
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Bus and Railway Operators to Extend Schedule for Off-Hour Arrivals at Narita Airport

Every year, Japan welcomes millions of foreign tourists and travel enthusiasts flying into the country at Narita International Airport located in Chiba Prefecture. One of the major concerns of these travellers is the inadequate means of transportation available for passengers during late night hours. As a consequence, some of the overseas passengers and even airline staff may be left
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US Startup Firm to Release Special Suits for Elderly People in Japan

Among the most prevalent issues that Japan has to deal with is its aging population as a result of consistent low birth rate and declining inward population. Over the years, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of senior citizens in the Land of the Rising Sun. In fact, more than thirty five million people are
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Tokyo and Osaka Among the Top Five Safest Cities Worldwide

The most recent research and analysis conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit revealed a list of the safest cities across the globe. Tokyo, the capital city of Japan ranked first in the said report. Osaka is also regarded as the third safest city worldwide.   During the conference in which the Safe Cities Index 2019 report was
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Japanese Society Becomes More Open to Body Size Diversity

The Land of the Rising Sun is known worldwide not only for its delicious cuisines but mostly for its healthy selection of food and dishes. Majority of Japanese are very health conscious and particular about their diet. For most people in Japan, being slim and slender is regarded as the standard of beauty especially among women.   In
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More Japanese Children Gets Waitlisted 3 Years Now

Japan’s number of waitlisted children for day care enrollment has been increasing for three years in a row now. This year, the number grew by 2,528 from 26,081 recorded last April 2016 according to the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry. This is due to several factors. One of which is more women joining the workforce. Another is the government’s

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October 6, 2017

From ‘Bad Tourists’ to Informed Ones: Japan Should Play Its Part

Japan’s tourism has been soaring year on year. Just last year, its foreign tourist numbers reached 24 million. This is still expected to rise to 40 million come 2020 for the Tokyo Summer Olympics and Paralympics.   The future looks good. However, some locals are already expressing their preference to keep the ‘bad tourists’ from entering Japan.

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October 4, 2017

Full-Time Worker Shortage in Japan up to 45%

A recent survey made by Teikoku Databank Ltd. released last August 24 showed that Japanese companies are facing a record-high 45% shortage of full-time workers. It is a huge increase from the July 2016 survey showing just 7.5% shortage.   Photo credit to:   Here is the breakdown of the shortage per sector:   69.7% shortage for

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October 2, 2017

Tokyo eyes basically banning indoor smoking at restaurants, hotels

The Tokyo metropolitan government plans to ban indoor smoking in facilities in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. A corresponding punishment may take place once the rule is broken.   Photo credit to:   Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike said in a press conference last September 8, 2017 that “total indoor smoking ban is the basic trend

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September 29, 2017

Japan’s Tourism, Real Estate Hires More Asian Workers

Japan’s hotel operators and real estate firms are aggressively hiring foreign workers to capture overseas investors and buyers. The in-bound tourism and investment from wealthy foreign buyers have been booming and increasing.   TKP Corp., a Tokyo-based meeting room rental company, has been recruiting several Chinese and Taiwanese nationals every year offering the same compensation as that of their

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September 27, 2017

GM’s OnStar offers Wireless Auto Diagnostics

General Motors’ OnStar subsidiary has a new service that helps car owners know the condition of their vehicle. This is also used by car companies to prevent manufacturing defects in their future production.   The virtual auto mechanic service performs diagnostic tests and sends monthly reports to the owners. Data on the vehicle’s performance and critical parts such

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September 25, 2017