Survey Reveals How Japanese Firms are Affected by the Global Pandemic

The World Health Organization has recently announced that the novel corona virus which originated in Wuhan China last December 2019 already become a global pandemic as it has affected numerous countries across the globe and brought about serious damage or repercussions not only in the population but also in the economic performance and stability in the affected countries.  
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Foreign Scientists May Avail of Benefits under Highly Skilled Professional Visa

The Land of the Rising Sun is widely known as one of the most advanced countries across the globe when it comes to scientific research and technology. In this regard, a lot of big and international companies and firms have expressed their intention to invest in Japan. A number of these companies have set up their physical existence
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Two Instances that Enable Foreign Professionals to Avail of Green Card in Japan

The Japanese government deems it to be in the best of the country to encourage the influx of more and more foreign professionals in the Land of the Rising Sun. Having highly skilled foreign professionals can be considered as a big asset to promote the economic growth of Japan considering that the potential of these foreign professionals to
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Foreign Care Givers Allowed to be Exempted from Industry Specific Exam to Obtain Visa

Known to many countries across the globe, Japan is currently dealing with the impacts of an aging population as a result of its low birth rate and a vast decline in inward migration. With the tremendous rise in the number of senior citizens in the country, there is also a corresponding need to increase social welfare benefits and
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Japanese Immigration Agency Determined to Bolster Foreign Worker Recruitment

With the the amendment of the Immigration Control Act that took effect last April of 2019, more and more foreign nationals have expressed their interest in working and residing in the Land of the Rising Sun. This is one of the measures undertaken by the Japanese government in order to address the chronic labor shortage in the country
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Japanese Government Aims to Distribute Foreign Workers to Different Regions Across Japan

Chronic labor shortage is a prevalent issue not only in the capital city, Tokyo but also across different cities and prefectures in Japan. The aging population as a result of low birth rate and a decline inward migration has already taken its toll in a number of industries and sectors in the Land of the Rising Sun particularly
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Tokyo Olympics: We had past experience from ASEAN games

For the last two weeks, Japanese game authorities observed operations in and around the venues of the Asian Games in Indonesia to learn things, tips and tricks that could help in Japan’s effort to put on a successful Olympics and Paralympics in 2020.   During the two weeks of games, the authorities’ priorities ranged from

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September 24, 2018

NoKor to SoKor and US: We’ll dismantle nuclear sites on one condition

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Wednesday pledged to permanently dismantle his country’s major nuclear complex if the United States takes reciprocal actions, in talks with South Korean President Moon Jae In.   At the two-day summit in Pyongyang, held amid a deadlock in denuclearization negotiations between the three countries, Kim also promised to

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September 21, 2018

Moon arrives in NoKor to talk with Kim

South Korean President Moon Jae In arrived in Pyongyang on Tuesday as he began a three-day visit to North Korea for a summit with leader Kim Jong Un, with all eyes on whether their latest summit will see a breakthrough in stalled talks on denuclearizing the divided peninsula.   The two leaders, who have already

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September 19, 2018

From Japan to Russia….. With love

Vladimir Putin surprised Shinzo Abe by proposing that both countries end their bickering with a post-World War II peace treaty with no strings attached by year’s end.   The sudden offer would mean shelving negotiations over the sovereignty of Russia- held, Japan-claimed islands. This peace treaty is contrary to Tokyo’s version that a peace treaty

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September 14, 2018

Japan and Russia: We need a better economic plan

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed Monday to step up work to realize planned joint economic activities on disputed islands off Japan’s northernmost main island of Hokkaido while making little progress on the territorial issue.     In a press conference after their summit in Vladivostok, Abe renewed his commitment to concluding a post-World

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September 12, 2018

Japan to U.S.: It’s gonna be a bad, big deal

POTUS Donald Trump suggested that Japan would be in serious trouble if it failed to agree with the United States on tariffs and trades.   Trump has been heard saying that if America doesn’t make a deal with Japan, and vice versa, then Japan’s gonna have a big problem. This is effectively pressuring Japan to take measures to

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September 10, 2018

Japan quake measured at 6.7 causes landslides

  32 people are confirmed missing in Sapporo after a 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit Japan’s northernmost main Hokkaido island in the early hours of Thursday. This surprise attack caused landslides that buried houses.   The earthquake, which struck at 3:08 in the morning, cut electricity to 3 million homes and the nuclear power plant as in danger of

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September 7, 2018

U.S. Open: Nishiroki and Osaka made it

Kei Nishikori defeated Philipp Kohlschreiber who hails from Germany in multiple sets to reach the quarterfinals of the U.S. Open.   It is a good year for Japan as Naomi Osaka also reached the last eight of the women’s draw after beating Aryna Sabalenka from Belarus in three sets at Louis Armstrong Stadium.   It is the second

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September 5, 2018

Okinawa on U.S. base transfer: Access denied

  Okinawa Prefecture rejected the landfill project for the U.S. military base that was scheduled to relocate this year. The military base was to relocate to another part of Okinawa to make it’s operations smoother and keep citizens away from falling debris from military helicopters and planes.   The landfill project was approved in 2013 by the late

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September 3, 2018

When in Rome, act Roman. Likewise in Japan

The dining table has been and always will be the center of family life.   The 39-year-old well-known chef in Japan gained overnight fame when she was first featured on a TV show in February 2017. It was a life-changing moment for her that allowed her to follow her passion and enlighten us all at the same

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August 31, 2018