Taking a look at your employees through the lens of Japan’s culture

It is a widely known and accepted fact that the various cultural differences around the globe help shape the customs and traditions of a society. These norms vary from country to country depending on the residents’ circumstances and experiences. One particular cultural difference between Japan and other countries in the world, particularly western areas, include how workers are regarded by

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July 9, 2019

Okinawa in Need of More Bus Drivers Amidst Tourism Surge

In recent years, the Land of the Rising Sun has opened wider doors of opportunities for overseas workers and international sojourners who hope to visit the country to go sightseeing, experience its unique culture and try out some of the most iconic Japanese dishes worldwide. More and more foreigners come to visit Japan year and year out. In

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July 5, 2019

Influx of Overseas Sojourners in Japan brings about Increasing Demand in Foreign Language Services

Over the past few years, the Land of the Rising Sun has opened wider doors of opportunities for foreign nationals seeking for job employment in their country as well as international tourists who are looking forward to explore its popular sightseeing views and tourist destinations. With the recent amendments in its immigration rules, Japan aspires to attract more

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July 4, 2019

Labor Ministry Prompts Japanese Companies to Support Fertility Treatments of Workers

One of the most alarming issues that Japan is faced with in recent years is chronic labor shortage which resulted from the country’s aging population and low birth rate. In order to address this issue, the Japanese government had to revise its immigration laws to open wider doors of employment opportunities for foreign nationals in the Land of

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June 26, 2019

Japan aims to further increase the average minimum hourly salaries of employees across the country

Based on the historical data between the years 1989 to 2018 collected by “Trading Economics” at and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), the minimum wage a regular employee earns in the Philippines was at an all time low of 89 Philippine Pesos per day during the first indicated year of 1989. Over time, the data collected reveals

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June 25, 2019

7-Eleven Franchise Owners Inclined to Hire Foreign Part-time Workers

Japan is currently battling with issues on chronic labor shortage in various industries such as agriculture, nursing, construction and food service sectors. The plummeting of the country’s workforce is brought about by its aging population as a result of low birth rate. In order to address these issues, the Japanese government is looking for ways to promote inbound

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June 20, 2019

Work Style Reform Law, a measure of cultural diversity in the workplace

In an apparent bid to adjust its work environment to the cultural and customary diversities that will come its way due to the expected inflow of foreign workers as well as to provide equal opportunities for all regardless of employment status, the government of Japan enacted the Work Style Reform Law last year which began implementation in April of

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June 18, 2019

Local governments turn to translation apps for administration and processing of foreign applicants

With the recent revisions in the immigration policies of Japan as adopted by its national government, the country known as the “Land of the Rising Sun” has been preparing for a substantial influx of foreign workers into its society. Apart from the established contrasts in culture, customs, and tradition, one of the major challenges brought about by this recent

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June 17, 2019

Majority of Female Workers Inconvenienced by High Heel Policy in Japan

One of the most sensational issues involving Japanese companies this year is that a vast majority of female workers and even those seeking for employment in Japan are complaining against the imposition of mandatory high heel policy in the workplace. This controversy stemmed from the petition initiated by Yumi Ishikawa, a Japanese actress who publicly expressed her sentiments after

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June 13, 2019

Average Starting Salary of Japan’s workforce

With the recent shift in immigration policies set in place by the government of Japan to encourage a strong inflow of potential skilled candidates in view of its aging society, some of you might be interested to know how the country fares in terms of the salaries and wages of their employees. Luckily, the recently released Annual Wage Statistical

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June 10, 2019