Catch a ride with Mickey Mouse in this first ever Disney-inspired Shinkansen

To ride and experience the comfort of Japan’s Shinkansen is probably among the bucketlist of millions of tourists around the globe. This high-speed bullet train is renowned worldwide for its advanced safety features, comfy chairs with more legroom and the fastest mode of transportation that will punctually bring travellers to major cities around the country. It is also considered as a reflection of the high-end technology in Japan. Though it can be pricey, tourists would not want to miss the terrific experience offered by the Shinkansen ride.


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Undoubtedly, this high-speed bullet train is already regarded as the best way to get around Japan. Inspite of all the positive feedbacks about the Shinkansen, its operator Japan Railways does not want to settle. This railway operating company never stops thinking about new and exciting designs and features that they can add to their bullet trains in order to pique the the interest of both local and foreign tourists. During the previous years, travellers where amazed by the Shinkansen inspired by famous Japanese characters, Hello Kitty and Evangelion. This May 2019, Japan Railways is set to launch their very “Go! Waku Waku Trip with Mickey”. This is going to be the very first Disney bullet train.


The character of Mickey Mouse is not only famous among Japanese but it also gained widespread popularity all over the world. Japan Railways seeks to give a fun and exciting “waku waku” tour for their Shinkansen passengers. All six cabins of the bullet train will be adorned both inside and out with Mickey Mouse-themed designs. Some cabins would showcase illustrations of Mickey enjoying a cool trip in summertime with some local Japanese patterns such as their traditional basin and bathing linen commonly seen in an onsen hot spring. The interior design of the cabin also displays images of Mickey Mouse wearing straw hats which Japanese youngsters often wear to protect their faces from the sun during summer season.


Aside from the cool decorations, Japan Railways also offers limited-edition Disney items such as notebooks, bags and pins showing their Mickey Mouse Shinkansen illustrations. Local and foreign passengers may purchase these goodies while onboard the bullet train, at the train station or in nearby shopping centers.


The Mickey Mouse Shinkansen is expected to start its operation on May 17, 2019. It will continue to run for an unfixed period of time. However, with its summertime ambience, Shinkansen passengers are hoping that this cool train will last until the end of summer in August.


Reference: Japan is getting a Mickey Mouse bullet train


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