Casinos in Japan: No way!

64.8% of the interviewees dislike a bill authorizing casino resorts to open. This highlights a concern about unforeseen consequences of gambling and a possible increase in crime, which tends to happen when casinos are present.


The poll, conducted via telephone interview and over the weekend, showed a large amount of respondents opposed the idea of casinos opening. Meanwhile, 27.6% of respondents support the idea justifying it as more money for the economy.


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However, respondents who support Abe’s government, 47.6% are against the casino law. 84.9% who are against Abe’s government also show their disdain of the new law.


Abe’s government says the new law will increase the amount of foreigners and tourists and revive economies on the regional scale. This will allow casinos to be built at three locations as part of the so-called integrated resorts which will consist of hotels and shopping centers.


Critics have say the deliberation at the Diet were not enough and question if Japan can apply countermeasures against gambling if and when crime increases.


The survey also included a dissatisfaction of 62.2 percent with Abe’s response to the heavy rains that devastated western Japan in July killing over 220. Another 27.5% of people said it dealt with the situation suitably.


Abe’s government was questioned when a high ranking government official posted photos on his Twitter account of a drinking session, which Abe and members of his ruling party attended, on July 5 despite the rains increasing in power.


Around 4,400 people are still considered missing after floods virtually wiped out or severely damaged approximately 38,000 homes across western Japan. Water outages are still affecting 17,000 households.


Shinzo Abe’s approval rating has taken a large toll and is now standing at 43.4% satisfaction. This drops from 1.5% from June with 44.9%. The poll was conducted Saturday and Sunday showed that he disapproval rating is now at 41.8%.


Reference: Nearly two-thirds oppose law authorizing casinos in Japan: poll


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