Bubble Tea Shop in Tokyo Offers Chocolate Banana Tapioca to Prevent Sunburns

With the upcoming summer season in the Land of the Rising Sun, more and more locals and international tourists who are in the country are craving for different kinds of bubble tea in order to beat the summer heat. The bubble tea craze is gaining tremendous popularity not only in its capital city, Tokyo but also all over Japan.


Since Japan is known for its inventive and unique taste, a number of milk tea shops in the country came up with several twists on the regular beverage. One of the most popular of these shops is the Juice & Tea Bar Origami situated in Minami Azabu, Tokyo. The interior design of the cafe is inspired by traditional Japanese arts while their logo features a distinctive origami crane.


Photo credit to: https://grapee.jp

What makes the Juice & Tea Bar Origami cafe extra special is its one of a kind menu that seeks to cater to the dietary preferences of health conscious customers. The shop mainly showcases the “beauty bubble tea” as well as other healthy drinks that utilize local fruits as their main ingredients. One of the choices in their wide selection of drinks contain five hundred billion lactic acid bacteria akin to those contained in probiotics.


The most recent item in their iconic menu is the “drinkable sun block.” It is also referred to as Chocolate Banana Tapioca as it is consist of pulverized chocolate toppings made up of more than eighty five percent cacao mixed with a milky banana flavored drink. Since it is nurtured under intense climate, Cacao is a bountiful source of polyphenols making it anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.


With these beneficial ingredients, the Chocolate Banana Tapioca bubble tea aids in the prevention of skin burns despite prolonged exposure to the sun. It also has anti-aging properties that are effective for maintaining a healthy natural skin. Of course, this drinkable sun block bubble tea must be used together with the actual sunblock applied to the skin during the summer season.


Reference: Bubble tea shop creates ‘drinkable sun block’


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