Both Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo Exceeded Ticket Sale Expectations

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Less than a year before the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games, hundreds of thousands of Japanese fanatics and sports enthusiasts are looking forward to witness the much anticipated international event. In fact, the demand of tickets for the said games has now far surpassed the supply. The same is true not only for the Olympic games but also for the Paralympic events as well.


During the first phase of ticket sale and distribution this year, there were around two million three hundred thousand tickets made available to the public yet the ticket requests reached about three million and hundred thousand. Meanwhile, the figures for Olympic tickets are said to be even ten times more than that of the Paralympic games.


Based on history, London recorded the highest number of spectators for the Paralympic games with a whopping two million seven hundred thousand people. Tokyo is expected to match, it not surpass this number considering the demand of tickets for the Paralympic events if only there was a greater stadium capacity.


According to Andrew Parsons, International Paralympic events President, “The interest is there and we are absolutely delighted. It shows clearly that the appetite for the Paralympic Games is there — in Tokyo and in Japan.”


Among the most anticipated Paralympic and Olympic games is the marathon. Since it does not require ticket, it is expected to attract quite a number of people on the street. Earlier, the organizing committee of the Tokyo Olympics have already announced that they will move the venue for the marathon from the capital city to the cooler area of Sapporo in order to beat the summer heat.

On the other hand, since the marathon event of the Paralympic games is set on September 6, 2020, the final week of the international sports game, it will still be held in Tokyo as it is forecasted to have more comfortable temperature at the city during that time.


Reference: Same as Olympics: Tokyo Paralympic ticket demand tops supply


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