Board Member of Tokyo Olympics Committee Move for Postponement of the Sports Event

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Amidst the global pandemic brought about by the corona virus outbreak experienced by numerous countries across the globe, a lot of sports enthusiasts, authorities in Japan as well as different international groups mull over the issue of whether or not the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic games will push through or not.


Less than five months before the original schedule of the Olympic games, hundreds of thousands of potential spectators and sports enthusiasts look forward to upcoming international sports events. On the other hand, despite their excitement, they have also expressed their hesitation about attending and personally witnessing the Olympics.


Meanwhile, the Olympic athletes such as but not limited to the gymnasts, basketball players, marathon runners as well as the swimmers have expressed their sentiments about their lack of practice due to their personal circumstances and restrictions in relation to the corona virus situation.


In fact, one of the board members of the Japanese Olympic Committee, Kaori Yamaguchi expressed his opinion to postpone or suspend the much anticipated Tokyo Olympics due to the fact that the athletes are not able to have adequate preparation due to the 2019 corona virus outbreak.


On the other hand, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as well as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics organizers have made it a point that the Tokyo Olympics will push through by the 24 th of July as originally planned despite the numerous instances wherein certain sports events and qualifying rounds have been postponed to avoid the further spread of the corona virus outbreak.


Despite the insistence of both the international Olympic committee and the organizers in Tokyo, Kaori Yamaguchi seeks to raise her sentiments during the Olympic board meeting which is set on March 27, 2020. According to her, “As far as I can see in news from the United States and Europe, athletes aren’t in a position where they can continue their training as usual.”


Reference: JOC board member says Olympics should be postponed: Nikkei


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