Bill seeks to enhance Japanese Language Education for Foreign Residents

A bill promoting Japanese Language Education among foreign nationals residing in the Land of the Rising Sun was recently passed by the government’s House of Representatives. The bill has been forwarded to the Upper House for its consideration and approval. Its proponents seek to have the bill enacted into law by the entire bicameral legislature or the National Diet of Japan this year.


With the amendment of the Immigration Law in Japan providing for less stringent rules in favor of foreigners seeking for job employment in Japanese firms, a great influx of international workers is expected in the country. As a measure to improve the issue on chronic labor shortage, the government even aims to allow more than three hundred thousand foreign workers in Japan over the next five years.


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However, a present survey among foreign residents in Japan has revealed that they receive limited support from the government when it comes to Japanese language learning. Around four hundred fifty thousand foreigners in Japan reside in areas where Japanese language education conducted by qualified teachers is not readily available.


To address this issue, Japanese Language Promotion Advocacy Federation drafted a proposal which was submitted to the Japanese legislative body. This prompted majority of the House of Representatives to pass the bill promoting Japanese language learning among foreign residents.


The proposed legislation urges both the national government and local prefectures to implement policies and procedures in order to give ample opportunities for foreigners to develop Japanese language learning. The main objective of the bill is to further improve the quality of Japanese language education to see to it that foreign residents in Japan will be able to work smoothly in their respective companies and successfully assimilate into the Japanese society.


Under the said bill, the legislature will allocate a specific budget for Japanese language education of foreign residents. Both the national and local government unit shall adopt measures to ensure that more foreign nationals especially children and workers will be able to avail of Japanese language classes conducted by qualified language teachers.


Reference: Japanese Government wants to make it easier for Foreigners to Learn Japanese: Here’s Why and How


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