Best Season to go Hiking Up the Peak of Mt. Fuji

Majority, if not all, international tourists who come to visit the Land of the Rising Sun have probably included Mt. Fuji among their topmost travel destinations in the country. Year in and year out, hundreds of thousands of hiking enthusiasts and globetrotters from different parts of the world look forward to explore the beautiful and magnificent sceneries in Mt. Fuji. Both locals and foreign tourists are definitely mesmerized by its iconic perfect cone-shaped beauty which best symbolizes Japan in various aspects such as physically, culturally and spiritually.


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Hikers and mountain climbers do not only seek to capture the picturesque view of Mt. Fuji from afar but they also aspire to reach the summit while taking a closer look at the mount’s fascinating trails. In order to reach the peak of the mountain, there are four different routes that may be taken, to wit: Yoshida or the yellow trail, Subashiri or the red trail, Gotemba or the green trail and Fujinomiya or the blue trail. Every trail is divided into ten stations.


The climbing route which is highly preferred by tourists and hiking enthusiasts is the Yoshida or yellow trail as it is the safest route to the peak. Most international travellers and rookie hikers take this trail since it is well-equipped with support facilities that include mountain huts that are suitable for them to rest and relax while taking a break from climbing towards the top. Meanwhile, adventure and thrill seekers may want to try out the more difficult and challenging routes such as the Gotemba trail which is the longest way to the summit and the steep Fujinomiya trail.


Mt. Fuji’s climbing season officially begins in July until the second week of September. The perfect time to go hiking in the mountain is around the third week of July till the end of August in view when the weather is stable and comfortable. During this season, numerous hikers hope to personally witness the breathtaking sunrise of Japan from the top of Mt. Fuji.


Reference: A beginner’s guide to climbing Mt Fuji


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