Beautiful Cakes and Sweet Treats for the Hinamatsuri Festival in Japan

The month of February ushers in the opening of the love season or Valentine’s Day across the globe. It is the perfect time to celebrate relationships, love and appreciation for the people dearest to our hearts. Different countries have their own way of celebrating the season of love. Some people prepare love letters, arrange flowers or bouquets and give sweet treats or chocolates to their loved ones.


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In the Land of the Rising Sun, a lot of confectionery shops and stores are filled with delicious chocolate creations and cakes during the Valentines season. One of the most well loved and sought after chocolate manufacturer is the Ginza Cozy Corner. As early as first week of February, the company has already revealed its wide selection of mouth watering and beautiful cake creations.


Actually, the said sweet creations are intended for the Hinamatsuri festival or the so-called “Girl’s Day” festival in Japan which is held every third day of March each year. It is a special celebration that is specifically dedicated to women to wish them good health and happiness.


One of the most notable aspect of the Girl’s Day festival is the display of the hina dolls at home. Moreover, a lot of Japanese families prepare and eat traditional food choices such as rice wine, colored rice cake and scattered sushi or chirashizushi which is the kind of sushi wherein the ingredients are cut into smaller pieces and scattered on top of rice combined with vinegar.


In modern times, a lot of young Japanese have added colorful and well designed cakes in their list of Hinamatsuri food. Among the most popular sweet treats prepared and designed by Cozy Corner for the Girl’s Day Festival this year is the Hina Party cake. This cake selection features a princess and prince cake. The royal couple inspired hina dolls are decorated at the middle of the cake. Flavors include raspberry, strawberry, mango and banana tart.


Reference: Celebrate Hinamatsuri Festival in sweet style with treats from Cozy Corner


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