Bath Salt Souvenirs Made Available at Arima Hot Spring Resort

In recent years, Japan is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations not only in Asia but all over the globe. The Land of the Rising is currently experiencing a tourism boom with almost a million international tourists visiting the country year in and year out.


Majority of these travel enthusiasts and globetrotters look forward to go sightseeing in Japan, experience the country’s distinctive culture and to try out its wide selection of delicious and iconic Japanese dishes. These are just few of the many reason why Japan is definitely among the bucket list of many tourists all over the world.


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Another interesting activity that also draws the attention of travellers is bathing in onsen or hot spring resorts. One of the most popular spa town in Japan is Arima which is located in Hyogo Prefecture. It is just half an hour away from Shin-Kobe station by train.


According to hot spring aficionados, Arima Hot Springs is listed in the top three oldest and most famous hot spring. What makes Arima extra special is the natural hot spring water bubbles which is said to moisturize the skin and warm up the body. Kansai physician even consider it as a tonic.


Tourists who visit the hot spring resort to try out their one of a kind onsen experience may also purchase souvenirs called the Arima Six Hot Spring from the onsen in the form of bath salts set. This bath set bring together six of the relaxing aromas that is distinctive of Arima prefecture.


These aromatic salts are patterned after those found in each of the six springs at Arima. The Arima Six Hot Springs premium bath salts is designed to resemble the colors and aromas of the onsen waters. The Arima springs cover the minerals that are considered valuable in every hot spring with nine basic components valued for their recuperative aspect based on the remark of the Japanese Ministry of the Environment.


Reference: A treat for onsen aficionados: the Arima Six Hot Springs bath salts set


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