Basic Requirements to Acquire the Specified Skilled Labor Visa

With the amendment of the Immigration Policies in Japan, the government aspires to open more and more doors of employment opportunities for foreign nationals who are interested to land a job in Japanese firms and establishments. One of the most remarkable changes to the new immigration rule is the introduction of the Skilled Labor Visa.


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This type of visa is intended to address the chronic labor shortage in fourteen identified sectors which include construction, agriculture, nursing or care giving as well as food and service industry. To be able to successful obtain the Specified Skilled Labor Visa, the foreign applicant need not be a college or university graduate. Educational attainment is not a requisite as long as he or she has considerable knowledge and experience on the particular field or industry that he or she intends to apply in.


The preliminary qualifications to get the skilled labor visa depends on the particular field or industry. For instance, applicants who wish to land a job in relation to Manufacturing and repair of foreign products, the foreign national must have gained at least ten years experience in the relevant field. This period is inclusive of the specific time devoted to majoring in related subjects at a foreign educational institution.


In addition, the foreign applicant must be able to pass the specific test to be conducted by the related industry for him or her to successfully acquire the working visa. Another important consideration is the Japanese language proficiency. It is vital that the foreign worker must at least have a basic knowledge of the Japanese language or get an N4 level so as to enable him or her to integrate not only within company premises but in the society in general.


Basically, these important steps are necessary for foreign workers to work and reside in Japan under the new visa type introduced by the revised immigration law effective April of 2019.


Reference: The Japan Skilled Worker Visa


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