Average Starting Salary of Japan’s workforce

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With the recent shift in immigration policies set in place by the government of Japan to encourage a strong inflow of potential skilled candidates in view of its aging society, some of you might be interested to know how the country fares in terms of the salaries and wages of their employees. Luckily, the recently released Annual Wage Statistical Survey by the Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare gives a detailed overview of the country’s average salary including factors such as the type of industry involved, class of education attained, and gender differences.


Let us first start with the average starting wage of an employee based on educational attainment. The data shows the following:

Next, let us look into Japan’s average starting salary per type of industry. The Statistical Survey breaks down the industries into eleven (11) different sectors and further differentiates the salary level between individuals with advanced degrees as compared to persons holding university degrees. A side by side comparison is detailed below for easy reference:

The data collected by the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare of Japan insofar as the average starting salary per industry type is concerned indicates better opportunities for workers with advanced degrees when compared to those holding university degrees. Nevertheless, university degree holders still look to have better opportunities in Japan when compared to workers employed locally. Keep in mind though that costs of living have not yet been taken into consideration.


Last but certainly not the least, statistical surveys are not truly complete without presenting the information that garnered top marks for the particular survey, in this case, the highest paying corporations in Japan. The Annual Wage Statistical Survey provides the following data:

At the number one spot is Nippon Commercial Development Co. Ltd., a real estate developer based in Osaka that specializes in its business model, the JINUSHI business. Nippon Commercial provides monthly average starting salary of ¥ 500,000 or approximately Php 239,743 in Philippine currency.


Reference: What is the Average Starting Salary in Japan? And Which Companies Pay the Highest Starting Salaries?


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