AUM to Japan: We’re watching you

Caution is the unspoken feeling Japanese citizens are undergoing. Executions for all 13 members of the doomsday cult, AUM Shinrikyo, death-row inmates have been carried out. However, successor groups who follow their lunacy are popping up all over Japan.


AUM successor organizations have residents worried. A total of 1,950 members are worried that the successor groups changed their names to deviate from AUM, which was founded by Shoko Asahara, and committed crimes since 1980’s. Attacks include the 1995 sarin gas attack on the subway system in Tokyo.


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A 74 year old man who led movements against AUM and it’s successor group, called Aleph and wondered whether or not the public security agency and law enforcement will monitor Aleph after all convicted AUM inmates were executed.


Public Security Intelligence Agency officials say that Aleph members are embracing Asahara’s teachings. He was aged 63 when Japan ordered his death in July 2018.


Aleph proudly portrays Asahara’s portrait in its facilities and maintains that a government conspiracy are to blame for the crimes related to them.


Aleph, despite being labelled a Terrorist Organization by several countries, attracts followers on social media. Membership has grown in the Hokkaido region and the group set up a new base of operations in 2016.


Hikari no Wa, the group that spilt from AUM, has highlighted its break with it’s parent group. The public security examination authorities are leaving the group under constant surveillance and say that they are inspired by the late Asahara and his ridiculous teachings.


Residents are trying to prevent local children from becoming followers but feel that the anti-asahara movement is not gaining support as more and more people are ignorant about AUM and the crimes they’ve committed as well as the people they’ve terrorized.


Japanese police say that AUM’s crimes caused 29 people to die.


Reference: Neighbors still jittery as AUM cult’s successor groups remain active


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