Aum cult terror attacks and their fate

A former Aum Shinri Kyo cult senior member, currently on death row described the founder and so-called guru he once revered as a criminal in his recently published memoir. That guru is Shoko Asahara.


Convicted for his role in producing Sarin, Tomomasa Nakagawa, who used the deadly nerve gas to attack the Tokyo subway system on March 20, 1995 said that Asahara transformed what was a religious group into one that produced chemical weapons and committed murder.


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The attack on the Tokyo subway system killed 13 and left more than 6,000 people injured.


Anthony Tu encouraged Nakagawa to write the article. Tiu, a Colorado State University emeritus professor and toxicologist researching incidents involving and related to the cult, has been visiting Nakagawa while in prison since 2011.


Recounting that after he succeeded in producing 30kg of Sarin compound in February 1994, they spread about 12 litres of it in Nagano Prefecture in June that same year. This, he said, eventually resulted in a major incident.


Aum Shinri Kyo also staged a Sarin gas attack in a residential area of Matsumoto in central Japan on June 27, 1994, killing 8.


In the production of Sarin, one must be careful not to inhale even a small amount as it can lead to death in one to ten minutes. It is also difficult to detect as it is just like Carbon Monoxide – colorless and odorless.


He added that it is now impossible to obtain raw materials for Sarin and ruled out the possibility of another Sarin attack on Japan. Death sentences have been issued for 10 members of the cult in connection with the attack and other crimes, while sentences of life in prison have been finalised for four others.


In 2000, Aum Shinri Kyo cult was renamed to Aleph. In 2007, senior Aleph memberFumihiro Joyu left the group to establish a separate group, Hikarinowa, or the Circle of Rainbow. Is another attack using a different chemical looming?


Reference: Children of condemned Aum guru Shoko Asahara reviled by society as criminals


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